The Merle School

As a Swiss branch of The Merle School 

you will find here all the products in the Shop with what I work with 

and with what I live daily to enjoy a successfull life.

Who we are

The Merle School is one of the first schools of Mediumship in Germany. It was founded in 2003 by Cordula Jüstel. 

She has a big offer on Trainings on her website.

Cordula gives  Teachings and Coachings in German Internationally on the phone.


Cordula Jüstel
+49 176 284 412 37 

[email protected]

Tatiana Vega from tatianaacademy is a teacher of The Merle School with a school branch in Zurich Switzerland.

She teaches internationally on the phone.

There is a simple truth: 

"If you believe, in what you do, you can reach big things." 

That is the reason why we want to help you to reach your goals. 

Live your life and learn with us through our trainings to unfold your talents. 

You can find the Merle Mediumship Training in the Shop.

Besides our trainings we also love to accompany you on our coaching sessions. 

We are experienced, reliable and focused to reach good results.