Merle Wasserglas-Methode Kartenset / Merle water glass-method card set

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Merle Waterglass Methode coin and card set

The Merle water glass coin and card set are charged with a certain vibration frequency, colour, code, sound, tone and each coin and card is saved with a certain spirtual content.
As soon as we put a glass of water on a coin or a card, the vibration gets activated itself and saves itself in the water.
This mode of operation, to energize water has proven the japanese Parascientist and Alternativemedicineman, Masaru Emoto, in his research.
We can not see the vibrational frequency, not smell like a rose nor taste or feel. But we still take it in us unconsciously. We perseive it in our subtle sences.

Product information

I would like to inform you personally, through the phone or per e-mail about the Merle waterglass methode.
I am looking forward to your call or e-mail.

phone: 0041 76 586 93 43
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Application of the Merle Waterglass Methode

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We choose for us unconsciously a power of symbol, with we resonate with. Re-sonare= to tone with, to vibrate with. We are in unisone or in harmony with that symbol at that moment.

Since ever we know the power of symboles and their information content. It will give you strength, confidence, calmness, peace, clarity in challenging times. 

The Merle Waterglass Methode can support adults, children, animals and plants. Through a daily application the Merle Waterglass Methode you have the possibility, to change difficult, challenging situations in your live and to  your own individual responsability. 

The Merle symbols were created with much love and with the intention, to ease the journey of your transformation.